Hydra, in the Greek islands Hydra, in the Greek islands
photo Hydra, in the Greek islands photo Hydra, in the Greek islands

Things to do on Hydra

Many people come here just to relax and enjoy the fantastic scenery.

Hydra is also a walkerís paradise. Being a car-free island, Hydra is ideal for those wanting to trek and explore this magnificent little island by foot. Walks around the island are sign posted and lead to wonderful little beaches, rocky promontories and secluded but welcoming monasteries, where on certain times of the day you may find yourself welcomed in and offered a drink and meal by the monks.

Surprising to some, Hydra (though mostly rock) does have quite a few swimming places. Some are pebble beaches and others are sand. Kamini and Vlychos can be reached by foot from Hydra Town, other beaches are further round the island and we can arrange a water taxi to take you there and bring you home again at the end of day. Many of these small charming beaches have a taverna conveniently located nearby where you can have a fantastic local home cooked meal under the shade.

Various water sports can be arranged as well as excursions to nearby islands and across to the mainland at Ermioni in the Peloponnese.

We can also arrange a half day or full day mule-trek around the island. Itís a great way to see the outstanding scenery, visit the charming monasteries and have a picnic lunch.

Hydra is also famous for its jewellery shops. There are a number of famous artists living on Hydra who sell their unique designs from shops along the beautiful waterfront. There are also a selection of clothes shops and local handcrafts.

In the evening, Hydra by the waterfront is bustling with cafes, tavernas, restaurants all filled with people who know where to find paradise and how to enjoy themselves.

The mix of the calmness by day, especially up at the Nefeli, and the abundance of night life down by the port, makes Hydra a very special place to spend a vacation.

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